ATTDigital’s weekly read-round-up

6 Jan

Here’s the first of something I thought I’d try over the next few months…

Hanging Out with 100 others: 5 tips for Bringing Health Professionals Together with Google Hangouts

A nice little post from the 21st December 2011 on describing how groups of Paediatricians across New York State (53,000 sq miles in area, over 300 miles from north to south) have started using Google+ Hangout to enable them to have bigger and better meetings. Taking the focus away from just those Paediatricians in Manhattan and giving those across the state a chance to share ideas and knowledge. The post includes a top 5 tips for using Google+ Hangout.

Do any UK clinicians use this at the moment? Do you think it could be a valuable addition to your Continuous Professional Development training and networking?
As a non-clinician I certainly think a Google+ hangout with a few of my peers would be useful, but only if there was a good chair and a solid agenda.

Spam Volume Falls to 2007 Levels
I got this little beauty from the Harvard Business Review updates that you can sign up for daily stats, blog updates and news.

‘Spam volume dropped from more than 379 billion messages daily to about 124 billion messages daily between August 2010 and November 2011—levels not seen since 2007 —as law enforcement and security agencies shut down major spam-sending botnets, according to Cisco. In September 2011, India was generating the highest percentage of spam volume (13.9%). Vietnam was second with 8% and the Russian Federation was third with 7.8%.’
Source: Cisco Connected World Technology Report

Spam is not an area of computing I understand at all but the numbers in the above are incredible, almost fantastical, so I thought I’d share nonetheless.

100 things we didn’t know last year
A great lunchtime read from the BBC website’s Magazine section with a good sprinkling of left field facts. Some of my favourites include:
1. Aristotle is thought to have been the last individual to know everything that was known at the time. More details
2. More than 90% of UK schoolchildren study Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. More details
3. The Queen’s swans get flu jabs. More details (Daily Telegraph)

Lucifer’s Boob
A 32 year-old friend of a colleague was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and has decided to write a blog about her experiences. Whilst the subject matter is fairly grim she manages to make the blog funny and it’s full of pathos without being overly emotional. She is also very honest about the NHS and has pretty much nothing but praise for all concerned.
Give it a look and I hope it helps to show the power of the written (digital word).
P.s. Read it from the bottom, as it’s in chronological order.

Mapping the social media landscape for 2011: infographic
I shared this earlier on in the week but it is interesting so you’re getting it again.

Stand outs for me are:
• Parents of 10 year olds (Facebook don’t allow children under 13 to sign up) are signing their children up for them
• 55% of active Twitter users access the service from their mobile (it’d be interesting to know if they also use desktop and laptops and which is most popular by minutes spent on Twitter/Tweetdeck/Other management software/webpage)
• 56% of college students said that if they were offered a job by a company that banned social media use, they’d turn it down  how is the NHS going to ensure that it gets and retains the top digital talent needed to provide world class digital healthcare services and informations?

I hope you enjoyed the first ATT read-round-up of 2012. I hope to get a few more published over the coming months. Happy New Year to you all let 2012 be a happy one!